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It’s perfectly safe, it’s all in the Cloud. Really?!

Posted by Joel on Thursday 20th September 2018

Trust in the Cloud - Part 1

We get a fair number of IT support enquiries every week from potential customers.

Now that almost everything can be in the cloud, whenever we ask these new customers interesting questions about:

  • > Backup
  • > Security
  • > Reliability

It’s quite likely we’ll get an answer with some variation of “It’s perfectly safe, it’s all in the cloud”.

Questions about backup, security and reliability are three big business defining questions. If you’ve not got those right, you will have a problem down the road.

We’re not saying that it’s not safe to put ‘stuff’ in the cloud. It can be safe to put some or all of your business data and functions there.

We’re just saying that when we hear “it’s perfectly safe, it’s all in the cloud”, we file it with:

  • > “the cheque’s in the post”
  • > “hold my beer and watch this”
  • > “what could possibly go wrong?”

There is nothing wrong with using cloud services. We use, sell, and resell such things.

The problem with the Cloud

There is a problem with blind faith that because it’s in the Cloud, nothing can possibly go wrong.

The problems we all have using on-premise services don’t go away just because they’ve been moved into the Cloud.

They’re still there, and sometimes they’re doubled.

To address any risk with the Cloud, businesses must have a robust IT strategy incorporating Backup, Security and Reliability.

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