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FileCloud - File Synchronisation

Posted by on Thursday 16th February 2017

File Sync

If you own a smartphone, the chances are that you probably use some sort of synchronisation service – often called a cloud service – that synchronises your contacts, messages and photographs across your mobile devices.

We are becoming more used to having access to things anywhere through cloud technologies but what about when you want to have access to files while you are offline or on a slow connection? How about synchronising files over disparate operating systems and devices? To do that you will need a File Synchronisation solution.

There are a range of solutions offering different features including:

  • Offline access to files stored in the cloud
  • Synchronisation to multiple devices regardless of operating system and form factor
  • Document version control
  • Sharing of files to multiple users including guests
  • Web access
  • Remote wiping of files on devices that are lost or stolen
  • The solutions available vary in price depending on the features required and the amount of stored data. There are consumer-grade services available for free but these are not recommended for business use as they generally do not have as many security features.

    Why we chose FileCloud

    Here at nTrust we are always looking at new technologies and investigating how they can enhance the systems our customers use. Over the years we’ve come across many different file synchronisation services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive and FileCloud.

    We’re always listening to what our customers are telling us they want out of a system and why they use certain products. Based on feedback we’d received we came up with a list of requirements for a File sync and sharing solution:

  • An easy to use and intuitive system
  • Able to use via multiple methods – as a drive, a folder or via a web interface
  • Data to be based in the UK
  • Customer always owns the data
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Synchronisation between devices regardless of size and operating system
  • Sharing to other users and also guests securely
  • Ability to remote wipe files from devices if lost or stolen
  • Full Audit trail
  • While many services could offer most of the above they would ship your data to another country. Data stored abroad is subject to the laws of that country. We strongly feel that your data should be stored in the UK and therefore subject to the same laws as if it was stored on a physical server in your office.

    We decided that to ensure data was stored in the UK the solution would need to be installed on hardware that we own and manage in a secure Tier3+ data centre in Surrey. This reduced the number of suitable solutions down to three.

    We were impressed with FileCloud’s active development of the product, the support available in the event that we needed to escalate something and also the backing of a large community of users. This was something that the other remaining contenders could not offer and as such selected FileCloud to become our platform of choice.

    We’ve been using the product internally for a while now and we’re confident that FileCloud will be a great addition to any business. If you’re after a file sync and share solution that guarantees that data will always be stored in the UK and you will always own the data, get in touch with us.

    For more information on FileCloud please see our dedicated product page.

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