Nov 25

Hackers - Why do they do it?

Posted by on Friday 25th November 2016

nTrust recently hosted an open panel event in association with Surrey Chambers of Commerce and the Reigate & Redhill Business Forum. Questions were requested from the 50 or so business owners in the room and the panel, including our own MD Russ McKenzie provided the answers.

Among the many queries about cyber-crime and the best ways to prevent an attack was one that seemed almost too straightforward.

Why do hackers hack?

What a great question and the answer is not that easy because there are a number of different types of hackers.

Criminal Activity – The obvious one, cyber-criminals attack a business to make financial gain. These criminals use many methods to access computer systems and take anything from cash to sensitive data.

Disgruntled Employees – A surprisingly common source of hacking, it might be somebody that has recently left a company relying on the fact that passwords have not been changed or a current employee wanting to make life difficult for his colleagues or employers.

Nuisances – These people disrupt systems just for the fun of it or to demonstrate security inadequacies, sometimes they will attack for their own personal gratification.

Hacktivists – Attacking an organisation as a political or social statement, the term was first used as far back as 1996 and hacktivists have been responsible for some of the highest profile attacks ever seen.

Cyberespionage – Sounds a little James Bond but companies of all sizes have data that they would rather keep to themselves, from purchasing history to invoicing, would you like your competitors to know what you do?

So, there you have it, a very brief guide to the reasons why hackers hack. For more information or to discuss how best to protect your business please call us on 03331 506070 or email

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