The Key to Accessing Confidential Data Securely via the Cloud

Cloud computing

Field of work: Accountancy Practice

Number of employees: 12

Improvements and Benefits:

  • Centralised server where business critical data can be updated
  • Employees can robustly share data and access business software
  • Confidential data backed daily, encrypted and stored in Tier3+ UK datacenter
  • Increased productivity

The problem

This accountancy practice has multiple offices and a commitment to paperless working. However, their server was located in a wooden barn conversion, which although lovely, presented a high fire risk. A fire could have resulted in a complete loss of client business data, compromising their business. Furthermore, the internet connection was poor and employees struggled to connect to the server. Both productivity and morale were low.

How we helped

nTrust upgraded the company's server. They now have a large host server, with smaller virtual servers. This allows them to be a fully virtual paperless business. The virtual server environment is an efficient option for businesses because software can be updated centrally, instead of on each individual computer. Company data is backed up online daily providing peace of mind.

We provided a hosted desktop using Citrix, and installed specialist mail archiving software, ensuring that they can keep full records of all email exchanges. We also upgraded their phone lines and broadband. Now if the internet is down, it will not prevent all the staff from working. Everything is backed up daily, and if anything does go wrong, the time required to fix it is minimal.

The Benefits to the Business

These system upgrades mean that data is securely stored centrally on the server with daily backups to provide complete peace of mind, and meet data confidentiality standards. The new stable internet connection has eliminated hours of poor connectivity. As part of their IT support contract we monitor systems 24/7 and respond rapidly to any alerts. We ensure their systems are always running smoothly.

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