Security Patch Management

Automate and monitor software updates for optimum computer performance and protection against viruses, malware and spyware.

To get the best performance from your IT and most importantly stay protected against cyber attacks and malicious threats, critical software updates should never be neglected. A high percentage of cyber attacks originate from software that’s not been updated; a fact that cyber criminals depend on. For your peace of mind, let nTrust manage your security patches.


  • IT technicians continuously monitor patch releases
  • If we decide the patch is urgent, we'll update your systems immediately

We're informed daily as updates are released. Some are urgent and need updating immediately, other's it's prudent to wait.


  • We decide which patches are appropriate for your systems
  • We test updates before releasing to your company infrastructure

Some business applications are particularly fragile and updating without testing can cause mayhem.


  • Installations carried out at an agreed convenient time
  • Tests performed again after installation
  • We document procedures including specific configurations required

Installation and changes to software systems are carefully managed with no interruption to your business.

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Additional Services

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