What are the advantages of VOIP for business?

Fully featured telephone systems at a fraction of the price!

Share phones just like a PBX System

Multi-User VoIP allows you to share phones as if you had your own onsite PBX System. It also gives you a professional interactive voice menu so that you can direct your customers to the correct location. You can buy DDI numbers to allocate every member of staff their own dedicated number.

Multi-User VoIP allows you to have a fully functional hunt group. You can add additional extensions to the hunt group, change the order of extensions and have certain extensions only available at certain times.

Available 24/7, wherever you work

Calls are routed over the internet. Use your office telephones, VOIP phone, PCs or mobiles. Calls can be forwarded if necessary, meaning your customers can reach the right person, wherever they may be. Have as many numbers as you need running concurrently. Use professional voice prompts.

Voicemails sent to your email

Voicemail is included so you will never miss a call. Upload your own voicemail message. When you receive voicemail an email will be sent to the email address of your choice, so you have all your messages in one place. It is simple to forward emailed phone messages to team members. Voicemail is super-secure with robust encryption.

Business conference calls and call routing

Get simple to use, advanced conferencing.
Route calls to the right people at the right time.

Cut the costs of calling

Calls can be put on a normal broadband phone line.
Free calls between employees.
Cut the cost of calls further with minutes package options.
Reduce multi-site costs with virtual extensions across locations.

*Cost for phones do vary - Contact us for latest prices