Your business deserves an effective and enabling IT system in order to maximise productivity. Lack of resources and inadequate technology are some of the top reasons for lost productivity amongst employees. We founded nTrust in 2002 to provide a specialised outsourced IT department to companies who cannot justify employing their own in-house team to manage IT. We work with you to create a comprehensive IT strategy to support your business and ensure that it keeps pace with your business aspirations.

If you would like to take the stress out of technology and IT issues, then please get in touch.


IT strategy to drive your business

Regular meetings with our Head of IT for advice on IT strategy to help drive efficiency and growth for your business.


Seamless Working Between Locations

If you have multiple locations in the UK or abroad, we can set up a server in a highly secure datacenter. This will allow your staff to log in to their business software, and access data, wherever they have an internet connection. Software version updates managed centrally are far less costly than updating local servers at multiple locations.


Competitively-priced IT hardware and software

Our knowledge and expertise means that we are on hand to help with sourcing business quality IT hardware and software that will work with your existing systems. We will ensure that your business runs smoothly even when transitioning to new equipment.


Regular reporting to highlight trends

Our service review process involves a regular report summarising your system performance. The report will highlight trends and make recommendations for reducing support calls, plugging security gaps and re-purposing redundant equipment.


Experienced professionals to help

Our IT Helpdesk are ready to answer to any "How to . . " questions your staff may have. We get you up and running quickly whenever an IT problem strikes.


How to recover from IT disaster

The best way to recover from disaster is to take adequate preventative measures. We establish your business risk and offer you options. After we have created a plan, we test it, adjust it and test again so if anything does go wrong we can keep business interruption to a minimum.