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Why is Anti-virus Software Important

Posted by Adam on Monday 14th December 2015

Anti-virus software is important because, in short – it helps protect your computer from viruses.

Viruses can come from a number of places, but most commonly are found in:

  • ‘Dodgy’ websites
  • Links in malicious emails
  • Malicious files
  • Other computers
  • In terms of data, viruses can be destructive:

    There are viruses which ‘encrypt’ your files, and then force you to pay out to unencrypt them.

    There are viruses which run resource heavy pseudo-Windows processes on your machine, which brings it running to a halt.

    There are even viruses which can stop your computer from booting!

    Anti-virus programs are generally updated daily, to make sure they can spot all the different types of viruses out there.

    Do I need anti-virus on my Mac?

    A lot of people say Macs can’t and don’t get viruses. This isn’t true – Macs can and do get viruses, though they’re not nearly as commonly seen as they are on Windows.

    Macs can be ‘carriers’ of viruses – if there’s some malicious code hidden in a document on the Mac, and the Mac seems ok after accessing the document – what’s to say that same file will be safe when opened on a Windows PC?

    For the reasons above, we would recommend having anti-virus installed on your Mac.

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