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Cyber Security

All companies, no matter the size, must take steps to protect against the threat of cyber attacks. We endorse and embrace Cyber Essentials standards.

Are all your software patches up to date? Would you know if they were? What more can you do to protect your business from a cyber attack?

nTrust helps and protects companies of all sizes against the threat of cyber-attacks. We put in place access controls, firewalls and anti-virus and malware protection, automated encrypted off-site backups, regular patching on all devices, two-factor authentication for added security. We also help companies to obtain and retain Cyber Essentials Certification, a quality mark that is backed by the Government.

Cyber Essentials

A Cyber Essentials Certificate indicates that your organisation is doing all it can to limit malicious attacks from both outside and within.

Malware Prevention

Protect every device in your business from viruses, spyware and malware by installing the most up-to-date antivirus and malware software.

Security Patch Management

Automate and monitor software updates for optimum computer performance and protection against viruses, malware and spyware.

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