Sep 08

Holiday Hacking

Posted by Joel on Thursday 8th September 2016

Holiday Hacking

You might be off on holiday or just returned to a diary packed with client meetings so we thought a reminder about personal cyber-security might be timely?

Of course, here at nTrust we protect companies from the threat of cyber-crime all the time but we are always keen to remind our clients that their personal data may also be vulnerable, particularly when using unknown or insecure wi-fi networks.

Insecure wi-fi networks can be intercepted so everything you do is accessible. Make sure that you always use https when inputting sensitive data as this encrypts the connection so that your data cannot be intercepted.

Remember to lock your devices.

Accidents happen, phones and tablets can be misplaced and sometimes stolen.

Protect your stuff with a strong password and set laptops, phones and tablets to automatically lock quickly, this can be a bit annoying but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

…and finally, posting pics on social media is great fun but please be careful when sharing as criminals at home might be able to see that you’re away and take advantage of your absence to pay your empty house a visit.

It’s your stuff…make sure you look after it.

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